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TVR Parts Acquire Austec Racing Stock. 6th October 2017

The range includes many rare and hard to obtain OE parts including body panels, electronic modules and engine components. 

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New shock absorber range 31st August 2017

TVR Parts are proud to announce a new range of shock absorbers developed with Spax for the "M", Tasmin and "S". This new range utilises the best of Spax's knowledge and experience to bring their Krypton gas filled fully adjustable units into the TVR range. Each unit is supplied with adjustable spring platforms as well as adjustment for the damping, is black powder coated and TUV approved. Please see the website for more details and prices. Great new range of shock absorbers from an OE supplier to TVR.

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322mm Brake Discs 11th August 2017

The 322mm front brake discs as fitted to the Tuscan S, Sagaris and Cerbera V8 have been further upgraded. TVR Parts Ltd has invested in new tooling to allow correctly handed curved vane 322mm discs to be available from now on. The original discs from AP were only available as a right hand variant but were used on both the left and right hand side of the bigger TVRs. TVR Parts Ltd now has both the left and right hand correctly vaned front discs. These are now available as a matched pair under the part number TVR J0759 PR.

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Speed 6 Air intake Hose now available 13th July 2017

TVR Parts has had the Speed 6 air intake hose remanufactured to the original specification and it is now available. This is the rubber type inlet hose that goes from the airbox to the strengthening plate on the chassis. This fits all Speed 6 engine TVRs apart from the Cerbera Speed 6. The part number is TVR E3672.

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Public Launch of new TVR Car Announced for the Goodwood Revival! 5th June 2017

Celebrating the marque's 70th anniversary, the new car will also be accompanied by a display of historic TVRs. Created in conjunction with Gordon Murray Design, the new car promises a 200 mph performance and 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Further details on TVR's website - Tickets/event information -

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Fuel Filter L0180 Back in Stock 19th May 2017

This fuel filter should be changed every 2 years/12000 miles as per TVR recommended schedule. The banjo bolt TVR L0452 connects the fuel lines at both ends of this filter and TVR L0453 is the sealing washer.

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Increased Web Security for our Customers 25th April 2017

This ensures that all data flowing between our customers and the website is fully encrypted to ensure that privacy/security is always maintained. To ensure the security of your personal data always check that you are dealing with a website address starting with https as opposed to the simple unprotected http . This single s indicates the encryption is in place and your personal information is protected.

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Easter Dates 13th April 2017

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OE Brake Master Cylinder 5th April 2017

This is the steel type cylinder with 4 outlet ports, one of which is blanked off with a bleed valve. This cylinder can be hard to source but TVR Parts is currently holding some original stock. New servos also available.

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Radiators for Tuscans 31st March 2017

This is the fourth model in a new line of alloy radiators, designed and made exclusively for TVR Parts. These radiators come with a 2 year warranty and are supplied complete with aluminium alloy fan cowls (also available separately).

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Seat Belts with TVR Logo New in Stock 24th March 2017

Complete with fixings and finishers, this seat belt is in black webbing. Can also be supplied in different colour webbing by special order to match your TVR's interior.

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Heater Valve Control Motor 3rd March 2017

These have been unobtainable for some time and TVR Parts have sourced a new upgraded version which is now available.

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Catalytic Converters 14th February 2017

TPL has recently upgraded the tooling for the Speed 6 and AJP V8 cats and decats to ensure best flow characteristics and dimensional accuracy.

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New Clutch Kits 7th February 2017

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Toyo Tyres - New Delivery 11th January 2017

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Increased Stock of Windscreens 4th January 2017

Photo of the warehouse just after delivery on our facebook page

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Opening Times over the Christmas Break 16th December 2016

We will close at lunchtime on Friday 23 December and re-open 1000 - 1600 on 28th - 30th December inclusive. Please note though that we will be limited in terms of servicing orders due to closures of suppliers and transport companies during this time. Business recommences as usual on Tuesday 3 January 2017.

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TVR Cerbera V8 High Pressure Steering Hose 15th December 2016

TVR Parts Ltd has had a batch of TVR H0389 hoses manufactured from the OE supplier. This hose runs from the high pressure pump on the right hand side of the AJP V8 engine to the valve block on right hand drive cars. The hose has a shaped steel tube assembly on the valve body end to allow fitment in the confines of the Cerbera under bonnet . These hoses have not been available for some time but are now back on the shelf at TVR Parts Ltd.

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Magnetic Sump Plugs Now in Stock! 9th December 2016

We have new super-strong Magnetic Sump Plugs in stock for the Rover V8 Engine. One easily supports a 0.7 kg hammer - imagine what it can do when pulling steel particles out of your oil system! This fits Chimaera, Griffith, V8S and Wedges. Price £9.95 plus VAT.

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New tyres for TVRs. 4th October 2016

TVR Parts has commissioned a new batch of tyres from Toyo in the preferred T1R tread pattern. These tyres are specifically manufactured for TVRs and now carry the TVR logo to identify them. Toyo tyres were the OE supplier to the TVR factory for new cars and the aftermarket. These tyres always give very good results on the sophisticated Hunter wheel balancing machines. The initial deliveries cover the 4 x 18” sizes, 225x35ZR18 87Y, 235x40ZR18 95Y, 245x40ZR18 97Y and the 255x35ZR18 94Y in the correct Y speed rating (187 mph). The 2 rear 16” tyres for the Chimaera and Griffith 245x45ZR16 94W and 225x50ZR16 92W are also available with W speed rating (169mph). The 2 x 15” tyres for the front of the Chimaera and Griffiths will also be arriving shortly with the correct W speed rating. These front tyres have not been available for some time with the correct speed rating but these deliveries will allow Griffith and Chimaera owners to have the correct tyres for these applications ensuring compliance for insurance purposes as well as peace of mind!! These tyres are the only correct solution for this application. If you need tyres for your TVR then TVR Parts is the only supplier of the correct tyres now with the TVR logo. Search tyres on the website to see the great prices.

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Alternators and starter motors 24th August 2016

TVR parts has sourced a very high quality range of alternators and starter motors. The new products cover the serpentine Rover V8 engine TVRs, all Speed 6 engined TVRs and the alternator for the Cerbera V8. These alternators and starter motors are all engineered and produced to meet/exceed O.E.M specifications. This range of starters and alternators comes with a manufacturer's 2 year guarantee. Another great product line from TVR Parts Ltd.

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TVR Cerbera Dual Gauges 26th July 2016

The dual gauges for the TVR Cerbera showing coolant temperature and oil pressure have been remanufactured by the OE supplier in 3 of the most popular colours, magnolia, light grey (white) and black. These dual gauges have the capillary type coolant temperature sensor and take a direct oil pressure line feed. These 3 colours are now in stock and the price of these gauges has been reduced. This is part of TVR Parts aim to hold stock of all the most popular gauges. See part number TVR N0227 to order these gauges.

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S Series Brake Master Cylinder Now Available 5th July 2016

In addition, we have also sourced the matching brake servo and are currently in the process of remanufacturing this component. Please contact us for further details. This is a continuation of our policy to extend the range of parts available for TVR owners, ensuring cars are not kept off the road due to parts no longer being available.

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New TVR Network Member 15th June 2016

The TVR Network continues to expand with 29 companies now accredited heritage network members.

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Windscreens in Stock 19th May 2016

We currently have available, windscreens for the TVR M series onwards. Specifically for 3000S, Tasmin, S-Series, Chimaera and Griffith models and for later cars. Clear and tinted options available for most.

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Better prices from Toyo for the summer 6th May 2016

As part of TVR Parts Ltd ongoing relationship with Toyo as the OE supplier we have some great new prices for tyres. Toyo were the OE supplier to the factory at Blackpool and their tyres are now available through TVR Parts Ltd at reduced prices especially if you are a TVR Car Club member. Search on "tyre" in the description search to get the range of tyres available.

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New Address Details 21st April 2016

Our new address is Ganders House, 9 Ganders Business Park, Kingsley, Borden, Hampshire GU35 9LU. Telephone and email contacts remain the same.

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Notice of Temporary Closure this week 1st April 2016

We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused by this temporary but necessary closure as we transfer all stock to our new, enlarged facility at Kingsley (Hampshire).

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We Are Moving! 17th March 2016

We kindly inform all our customers that we are about to move premises and, while we will do everything possible to minimise any delay to your orders, there may be some unavoidable disruption to our normal service over the next 2 weeks (18 March - 31 March). Our apologies in advance for any inconvenience and we will be working hard to make sure your orders are processed with every possible speed.

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OE Radiators back in stock 25th January 2016

Happy New Year TVR folk! TVR Parts Ltd are proud announce another new product! After many years of not being available, the TVR K0361 radiators will be back in stock after 13th Jan 2016. These are brand new and made to the OEM specification in the UK using the original aluminium/plastic composite design which can offer more flexibility than the all-aluminium alternatives. This model suits the TVR Tuscan (except 2000 my – use K0356 R), Tamora and early T350 (with the vertical radiator) and comes with a 2 year warranty. We are hoping to extend the range to Chimaera/Griffith/Cerbera and Sagaris models in the future, whilst also extending our range of copper/brass radiators to include all “S” and Tasmin variants so watch this space! The aluminium/plastic type radiator is an ideal construction for use in TVRs as it offers more flexibility and compliance in use. A welded aluminium radiator is more of a race car solution and can crack in use as does not have the neccessary compliance to allow it to flex unders the rigours of driving on the UK roads.

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Xmas Opening Hours 30th December 2015

We are fully open and working normal office hours through until Xmas Eve when we will be shutting at 4pm. We will be open and processing orders between Xmas and New Year, just closed on the bank holidays, Monday 28th December and Friday 1 January.

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Estoril Wheel Centres are now available from TVR Parts Ltd 20th November 2015

The Estoril wheel was fitted mainly to TVR Griffiths and also the bigger Chimaeras and the wheel centres have suffered over time and heat. There have been no quality wheel centres available for many years leading to TVR Parts responding to customer enquiries with development of this part. TVR Parts have created new tooling and this wheel centre is being correctly injection moulded, then painted and lacquered. The new part is a very accurate reproduction of the original part and is available individually or as a car set at a very beneficial price. The part number is TVR G0038 and the part is available now. More great parts coming soon.......

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TVR Announces New Car Programme 26th October 2015

TVR has revealed the first details of its exciting new line-up scheduled for production in 2017. A range of at least four models will be produced over the next 10 years; designed and engineered in collaboration with Gordon Murray Design, and Cosworth. See the full announcement at TVR | The official home of TVR.

This is exciting news for all enthusiasts of the TVR brand and we look forward to seeing TVR "roaring back".

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Expansion of TVR Network 2nd June 2015

Last week TVR announced an expansion of the TVR Network, bringing the total number of Network members up to 17.

We are delighted to see the TVR Network continue to grow, with the addition of a number of carefully selected, high quality service providers. In particular, we are delighted to see the geographic coverage of the Network expanded so that TVR owners will have a shorter journey to their nearest Network member.

Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR

It is wonderful to see the TVR Network expanding with the addition of these great businesses. We look forward to serving them with high quality, great value parts from our ever growing stock, all easily available online at

Graham Love, Chairman of TVR Parts Ltd

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Differential mounting bracket TVR R0087 1st May 2015

Manufactured from the original TVR drawings, precision laser cut and folded they are correctly zinc plated to provided long term corrosion protection.

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Sagepay 28th April 2015

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Starter motors for the AJP V8 28th April 2015

These starter motors had not been available for some time but now new stock is available on the shelves ready for despatch. Call TVR Parts or order online

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Genuine TVR Parts Now Come With a 2 Year Warranty 23rd April 2015

At TVR Parts we are committed to supplying parts to the original or, in many cases, better than original quality, using our exclusive global network of highly professional manufacturers. It's for this reason that TVR has approved these parts, and only these parts, as 'Genuine TVR Parts'. This is why we are able to offer the best prices available anywhere in the market. We are so confident in the quality of these products, that we are now backing them with a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee on all non-consumable parts. If a part you buy from us from now on fails within 2 years of purchase, we will replace it free of charge - no quibbles, no small print. So from now on why would you buy anything other than a TVR Genuine Part?

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TVR Announces The TVR Network 23rd April 2015

TVR has announced the launch of the TVR Network, the first dealers approved by TVR themselves to maintain the performance and integrity of TVR cars through expert maintenance and careful enhancements. TVR Parts is privileged to be the sole supplier of Genuine TVR Parts to the Network, and we look forward to welcoming both new and existing trade customers who are now members of the Network, and to providing them with top quality parts at our usual high levels of service, together with extremely competitive prices. See the full story at

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TVR Parts Ltd Extends Range to Include pre 1980 Models 23rd April 2015

We are delighted to announce that TVR has extended our licence to supply TVR Genuine Parts for pre 1980 cars as well as later models. This follows the acquisition of the David Gerald/Classic World Racing business. As part of this deal, we have acquired the entire stock of parts previously held by David Gerald, and we intend to expand progressively the range of parts available for the pre 1980 models, as we are already doing for the more modern cars. Commenting on the deal, TVR’s Chairman Les Edgar said “This acquisition allows our licensed partners TVR Parts Ltd to expand the world’s deepest and widest range of stock of TVR Genuine Parts, giving even more comprehensive levels of support to existing TVR owners. All sections of the TVR community should welcome this enhancement, since a stronger TVR Parts business allows for continuity of supply, keener prices and ever-better service for owners of our much-loved cars”. Graham Love, Chairman of TVR Parts, stated “we are delighted to have added the pre 1980 models to the very extensive range of Genuine TVR Parts we already carry, making TVR Parts Ltd the comprehensive one stop shop for all TVR owners, regardless of the age of their cars. We look forward to welcoming all owners of pre 1980 TVRs as valued new customers”.

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Performance water pumps for the Rover V8 17th April 2015

The normal water pump has a twin race of ball bearings but the new pumps from TVR parts come with a roller bearing race by the pulley to support the load applied by the belt arrangements. The roller bearing offers significantly higher load rating than a standard ball races. Coupled with high quality stainless coolant seal these pumps are an ideal complement to the new TVR K0124 radiators recently re-introduced to the range. Both the pumps TVR E0199 and TVR E2585 also benefit from the TVR Parts 2 year warranty. Great prices for high performance water pumps that are built to last.

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TVR Griffith and Chimaera 400 Clutch kit price reduced 14th April 2015

TVR parts now has stock of the 400 cover and has been able to reduce the cost of the clutch kit TVR Q KIT400 as a consequence. The 500 kit is still available as an upgrade but isnt necessary for standard cars.

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New Radiators for Griffith, Chimaera and Cerberas 10th April 2015

For the last few years this part has only be available refurbished with a new core but is now available brand new with no surcharges or delays. Brand new high quality header tanks and cores have been used to create this new product. This radiator has the boss for the fan switch but comes with a blanking plug to allow it to be used in both applications, with and without the fan switch, TVR K0094. The traditional type radiator has a number of benefits and is often more suitable for road use than an all aluminium welded race type radiator as is more forgiving of vibration as well as being noticeably cheaper. These new radiators come fully tested, from a TUV approved supplier and benefit from the 2 year TVR Parts warranty. See TVR K0124 for more information

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TVR Genuine Parts 2 Year Warranty 31st March 2015

At TVR Parts we are committed to supplying parts to the original or, in many cases, better than original quality, using our exclusive global network of highly professional manufacturers. It is for this reason that TVR has approved these parts, and only these parts, as Genuine TVR Parts. It is also for this reason that we are able to offer some of the best prices available anywhere in the market. We are so confident in the quality of these products, that we are now backing them with a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee on all non-consumable parts. If a part you buy from us from now on fails within 2 years of purchase, we will replace it free of charge - no quibbles, no small print. So from now on why would you buy anything other than a TVR Genuine Part?

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Great Air Conditioning prices for the Summer 24th March 2015

TVR P0165

As part of the on going price reviews TVR Parts Ltd is able to reduce the prices of a number of frequently used air conditioning parts.

The trinary switch TVR P0031 and receiver drier TVR P0121 have both been reduced as are the condensers TVR P0165 and TVR P0642.

These are all regularly used air conditioning parts and represent great value for TVR owners.

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TPL Price Reductions 24th March 2015

One of TPLs main aims is to offer Genuine TVR Parts at great prices and will be reviewing all existing prices to ensure this. As part of this review the following OE parts have had their retail prices reduced with immediate effect.

  • TVR S0652 - Exhaust silencer Tamora now £149.95
  • TVR U1529 - Quarter light glass Tuscan now £29.95
  • TVR U1530 - Quarter light glass Tuscan now £29.95
  • TVR E6301 - Timing cover Speed 6 now £175.00
  • TVR K0358 - Coolant header tank Tuscan now £39.95
  • TVR F0879 - Transmission chassis stiffening plate now £49.95
  • TVR F0880 - Engine chassis stiffening plate now £69.95

All prices subject to VAT.

Please contact us with any questions relating to above parts or order directly from this website.

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TPL stock levels pass the £1million mark 24th February 2015

Since TPL was established last November, our team has been working tirelessly to combine the previously existing stocks of TVR, TVS, Racing Green TVR and Clever Trevor under one roof, and in addition to continue expanding the range available by introducing new high quality parts sourced from top flight suppliers worldwide. TPL now holds over £1 million of TVR Genuine Parts, all approved by TVR themselves. At the same time, product lines held online have increased from around 1600 three months ago to some 2200 today, and will continue to be loaded at the rate of approximately 10-20 new products per week until we have all of our current 2500 products directly available through the website. This is the largest and widest stock of TVR parts in the world, and of course the only source of parts approved by TVR themselves.

We are delighted with the response we have had to the establishment of TPL, with sales increasing exponentially since Day 1. We are particularly pleased to see so many TVR Car Club members amongst our customers - several hundred have already registered accounts with us, and we also look forward to supporting the new Dealer Network to be launched shortly by TVR.

Graham Love, Chairman of TPL

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New building progresses 24th February 2015

The new headquarters of TPL in Alton, Hampshire, continues to make progress, although inclement weather over the last couple of months has slowed the work down, as key tasks such as replacing the roof and cladding have had to wait for breaks in the wind and the rain. We anticipate it will take another couple of months to complete the major refurbishment which is underway, but in the meantime TPL continues to provide a full service from our premises in Mytchett, Surrey, with slower moving stock now stored in additional premises taken on for this purpose.

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Window Regulator Motors 18th February 2015

TVR Parts Ltd has just sourced new replacement window regulator motors from the original supplier. These motors cover TVR Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera, Tuscan, T350, Tamora and Sagaris and are now available to order.

Part numbers TVR M7100 and TVR M7101 are for the Sagaris, Tamora and T350 and TVR M7102 and TVR M7103 fit the Griffith, Chimaera, Tuscan and Cerbera.

Contact TVR Parts for further information.

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TVR Parts Ltd Announces Exclusive Deal with TVR as Licensed Sole Distributor of 'TVR Genuine Parts' 13th November 2014

TVR Parts Ltd is currently based in Surrey, and is developing new warehousing facilities in Hampshire which will be opened in the New Year.

TVR Parts Ltd has been launched to consolidate a number of brands and websites including, and to bring personal owners and trade customers the best range of quality parts available anywhere.

Ever since they brought the brand back to Britain, TVR's new owners have been looking for ways to provide on-going support for existing cars and their owners. By launching 'TVR Genuine Parts' and helping establish a new single distribution channel through TVR Parts Ltd, they plan to guarantee the continuity of supply of parts for classic TVRs well into the future.

Recently launched, but with a wealth of experience in distributing and manufacturing standard and bespoke parts for various makes and models in the motor industry, TVR Parts Ltd is optimally placed to meet the growing needs for replacement parts for classic TVRs.

The new website currently lists over 2,500 available parts, with plans to significantly increase the selection as demand warrants. TVR Car Club members can enjoy additional discounts if they open a free account on the website.

The 'TVR Genuine Parts' approved programme will give reassurance to owners that the replacement parts they fit are of high quality and ensure the authenticity of their TVRs. The TVR Parts Ltd Technical Team can be easily contacted to provide additional support and advice to owners and the Trade regarding specifications and fitting the parts via the website: or by phone on 03333-237877 Rob Simmons, Managing Director of TVR, commented "After careful consideration of complex market needs and taking account of all options, we are pleased to award TVR Parts Ltd with an exclusive licence. None of the old licence or distribution agreements remain in force and TVR Parts Ltd is now the sole source for TVR Genuine Parts".

See also the news stories on the TVR website at

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