Oil Filtermag

Part NumberSS 365

Product Description

Powerful magnetic oil filter for 89-99mm diameter oil filter canisters. This part is highly recommended by TPL to ensure that any fine particles of steel based materials are removed from the oil flow. The extremely concentrated magnetic field created by the array of magnets first holds the Filtermag to the oil filter and then draws any steel particles out of the oil flow and secures them on the inside of the oil filter. It removes steel particles to a far small size than can be removed by the standard oil filter. The Filtermag can be swopped from old oil filter canister to new during servicing ensuring captured steel particles are permanently removed from the vehicles oil system. Filtermag is a must for all hard working engines and significantly reduces wear during extreme load. This Filtermag fits all 3 oil filters for later TVRs. Watch the product on youtube to get a further understanding of the power and long term benefits of this product.Not currently available.

Price Currently not available

SS 365 - Oil Filtermag

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