Starter motor

Part NumberTVR 035E 619A RG

Product Description

Hi Torque starter motor for TVR Chimaera, Griffith V8S and Tamin V8 models. This is a high torque starter motor upgrade for the Rover V8 engined TVRs and is a direct replacement for the standard starter motor. These starter motor will turn the engine over faster and consume less current in the process through the modern reduction gear design. This reduction gear design means that as well as being incredibly powerful these starter motors sit lower than normal which in practice means that on a TVR Griffith or Chimaera the motor and solenoid is significantly further away from the exhaust manifolds and further in the airflow under the car. This in turn reduces the well known heat "soak" problems which can lead to hot restart problems with these particular TVRs. In addition the starter motor solenoid draws cooling air every time it is operated further aiding temperature reduction. Note that this starter motor is now supplied with a 2kW motor which gives significantly more power to cranking over the engine.

Price £293.33 plus VAT

Price £352.00 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Chimaera, Griffith, S-Series, Tasmin 280i-450i Wedge
TVR 035E 619A RG - Starter motor
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