Hose oil cooler late cars

Part NumberTVR E2932

Product Description

Hose oil cooler for the TVR Cerbera V8. This pipe has a right angle steel tube on one end measuring approx 400mm with a welded mounting bracket. This hose is the high pressure hose from the pump to the cooler and is 1/2 bore. This hose has been superceded by a later 5/8 version that is significantly longer and requires an adaptor to fit. The adaptor at the engine engine end is TVR E2741 if you need to increase the thread from the engine to 5/8 BSP, see linked parts. TVR Parts Ltd are increasing the quality of the engine oil hoses. These hoses are now supplied using the market leaders hydraulic fittings and matching hose. The hoses are checked, tested, pellet cleaned, sealed and part numbered with a tag. Best quality and great prices.

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Fits the following TVRs:

Cerbera V8
TVR E2932 - Hose oil cooler late cars
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