Con rod bolt set

Part NumberTVR E3737 12

Product Description

Conrod bolt set of 12, for Speed six engines.OE high specification con rod bolt for AJP V8 and Speed 6 engines, also suits the 500 varients of Griffith and Chimaera. This is the standard OE con rod bolt and can be easily identified by the stamped part number on the end face of LNM010. These bolts should be replaced on major engine rebuilds as a matter of course. These bolts as standard are good quality UK manufactured connecting rod bolt and are not a weak point of the engines. The thread is M10 x 1.00 and these bolts are manufactured from PH13-8, a very high grade/high strength stainless steel.

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Price £44.95 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Cerbera Speed 6, Sagaris, T350, Tamora, Tuscan, Tuscan 2
TVR E3737 12 - Con rod bolt set
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