Cylinder head gasket

Part NumberTVR E6026 RGL

Product Description

Uprated composite head gasket to fit Speed 6 engines. This head gasket has been developed to ensure perfect sealing of the head gasket face for both the high pressure oil supply and coolant. The standard head gasket material has been treated with a 2 stage silicone application process. The first process applies a clear "flood" coat of silicone over the whole of the composite material surface to ensure absolute lack of permeability to both coolant and oil. The second process applies a silicone beading to both gasket faces to further seal all water jacket and oil ways. The gasket incorporates the latest cooling hole arrangement which focuses the coolant flow towards the rear of the engine to ensure number 6 cylinder is adequately cooled. The high pressure oil ways are reinforced with both a tin insert and silicone beading to allow for the higher oil pressure as seen with the FFF engines but still take the small O ring. This head gasket is a significant upgrade on the standard composite gasket which will no longer be supplied. This is the head gasket to suits both the standard 96mm bore as well as the 96.50mm oversize. The thickness of this composite head gasket is approximately 0.060". We recommend fitting composite head gaskets with Wellseal jointing compound.Made in England.

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Price £143.88 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Cerbera Speed 6, Sagaris, T350, Tamora, Tuscan, Tuscan 2
TVR E6026 RGL - Cylinder head gasket
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