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Cylinder Head upgrade for the Speed 6 engine.Complete uprated FFF cylinder head for the TVR Speed 6 engine. This is the new complete Finger Follower Free cylinder head design as created by Racing Green TVR and know available from TPL. This cylinder head is available as a complete replacement cylinder head and is a direct replacement for the standard cylinder head. The head is supplied with all valves fitted and a complete set of cam followers and the correct camshafts. There are numerous benefits to this upgraded cylinder head, the main one being there are no finger followers at all due to the design being based around inverted bucket type followers. The head casting itself is totally new and incorporates the highest quality seats, guides, studs and bearing caps. The valve seats are ultra high specification steel and are fully rated for unleaded fuels and are far more durable than the standard TVR aluminium bronze seats. It comes fitted with new ultra high specification lightened inlet and exhaust valves and reduced strength valve springs. The cam bucket followers are reduced in size from the first generation FFF and are splash fed by oil from the cam bearings. All oilways are integral to the cylinder head and oilways and coolant galleries are fully pressure tested prior to sale. The camshafts can either be driven by the uprated simplex drive chain system or by the standard TVR duplex system. This cylinder head is totally interchangeable for the standard TVR cylinder head and should be seriously considered for any uprated engine builds. The combined weight saving in the valve train on the FFF is circa 4.6 kgs if driven by the simplex drive system. Currently this cylinder head gives a headline fiqure of 430bhp 4.0 litre TVR Speed 6 engine carried out on the Surrey Rolling Road but is currenlty ongoing development which is expected to raise these figures significantly. Watch this space. Contact Martin or Colin at TPL for any further information or to book a test drive on the fabulous FFF demonstrator. The FFF engined TVR Tuscan demonstrator was driven by Richard Hammond for his "Hammond drives the Icons" series recently after which he decribed the car as "really rather brilliant". The FFF engine really is the best upgrade you can give your TVR! The demand for these heads oftern outstrips supply, so please call to confirm leadtimes.

Price £4,500.00 plus VAT

Price £5,400.00 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Cerbera Speed 6, Sagaris, T350, Tamora, Tuscan, Tuscan 2
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