Lambda sensor

Part NumberTVR M0157

Product Description

Lambda/oxygen sensor to fit Rover and AJP V8. This is the only lambda sensor for these models so fits V8S, Griffith, Chimaera and Cerbera V8. It is critical that the lambda sensor is working correctly as the fuelling for the engine is dependant on the correct output from this sensor. This sensor was modified by TVR for the early Speed 6 cars to allow for the increased heat loading of the Speed 6 manifold and catalytic system, the uprated modified part is TVR M1344

Price £85.00 plus VAT

Price £102.00 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Cerbera V8, Chimaera, Chimaera, Griffith, S-Series
TVR M0157 - Lambda sensor
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