Clutch release bearing

Part NumberTVR Q0014

Product Description

Clutch release bearing for early TVR Chimaera and Griffiths. This is the self centering clutch release bearing and plastic bearing carrier for early TVR Chimaera and Griffiths with the Rover gearbox. This release bearing has a flat bearing face and should only be used with clutch covers with rounded diaphragm spring tips. It must never be used with the later clutch cover with the straight diaphragm spring fingers. If your clutch cover has flat diaphragm fingers then you must use the TVR Q0107 release bearing on the TVR T45F 020R steel carrier.Not currently in stock.

Price Currently not available

Fits the following TVRs:

Chimaera, Griffith
TVR Q0014 - Clutch release bearing

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