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This is the ideal engine management system for TVR engines. Following on from the TVR Speed 6 development program we have decided that the Syvecs Engine Management system is ideal for all TVR applications that normally run the standard old MBE systems. MBE was the chosen engine management system for the new range of TVRs after the TVR Chimaera and TVR Griffith and was first used on the TVR Cerbera V8s when they were launched in 1996. Given the vast progress since the early to mid 1990's in electronics, engine management and engine control sensors it is not a great surprise that there is a significantly better system available for all the TVRs out there on the roads. Syvecs is a race derived engine management system and has been developed by the hugely successful Life Racing Company which is the sister company to Advanced Engine Research. AER provides race engines for many successful race teams and its victories have included Le Mans 24 hour winners. To create the engine management capability to support its impressive race engines it has a LifeRacing. The Syvecs S6GP was developed by LifeRacing for Syvecs and this is ECU is ideal for managing TVR engines. Syvecs produce ECUs for the highest level of motorsport and until recently have only been available to the Motorsport Industry. The programming is of the highest levels and also provides for optional sophisticated switchable traction control. Traction control is fully switchable from an 8 position switch and allows no traction control through to get you home on slicks on black ice!!!! This level of control has not been available to TVR owners before and is now available for all Speed 6 engined cars and AJP V8s. The Rover V8 as fitted to the TVR Chimaera and TVR Griffith is also another candidate for this ECU. Utilising advanced engine sensors allows for the extraction of the maximum horsepower whilst also protecting the engine to the highest level. Having a tuned knock sensor is an incredible step forwards for the longevity of the Speed 6. Detonation is/has been a significant problem especially with number 6 cylinder and having the software and algorithms within the ECU to sense the onset of detonation and immediately protect the engine is critical. This system also protects the engine against a poor batch of fuel or detonation caused by rising temperatures in the engine bay critically useful for track days. We have fitted this ECU to many TVRs now and it really makes a significant difference to the whole way the TVR feels and drives Coupling this management system to the FFF engine really allows TVR owners to enjoy unprecedented levels of horsepower together with real time knock sensing and sequential fuelling for the ultimate in engine protection whilst traction control allows this power to be safely delivered in all conditions. Fitting the ECU to Standard Speed 6 engines and the AJP V8s really makes a fabulous difference to the way the car feels and drives as well as giving far better fuel control and defending the engine from the dangerous approach of detonation. We have developed the fitting of this kit to a very high level. The ECU loom is renewed and even includes a network cable to allow the ECU to be communicated with over the internet. This allows this ECU package to be fitted anywhere around the world and mapped from the UK!!! To sum it up, there really is no other ECU to fit to TVRs. This price includes fitting but there are different costs relating to the different vehicles and required specification. Please contact us for further information. This price is the fitted price and includes bespoke mapping and a dyno sesssion.

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TVR RG 130 WEB - Engine management system, Syvecs
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