Cylinder head kit

Part NumberTVR TPL 136

Product Description

A complete kit of everything you need to overhaul your Speed 6 cylinder head and restore it to a better than new condition. Comprises of our reconditioned head casting ( please click on TVR E6002 R to get the full specification of this part), inlet camshaft, exhaust camshaft, 24 valve stem seals, 12 inlet valves, 12 exhaust valves, both rocker shafts, 24 finger followers and head gasket.There are also some optional extras to consider such as gas flowed ports (see TVR TPL 137), additional oil feed to the rear of the head (RG 074). If you would like to take the head fully built, ready for instalation, please enquire.

Price £2,475.00 plus VAT

Price £2,970.00 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Cerbera Speed 6, Sagaris, T350, Tamora, Tuscan, Tuscan 2
TVR TPL 136 - Cylinder head kit
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