Oil, Mobil 1 0W40, 1 Litre

Part NumberTVR X099053

Product Description

Engine oil as recommended by TVR for all their engines, V8s and Straight 6s. Mobil 1 0W40 is the recommended oil for all TVRs and is one of the best engine oils available. Mobil 1 New Life is the latest Mobil 1 generation in the Mobil 1 product family. New Life 0w-40 contains special long-term protection additives which ensure engine cleanliness, prevents the build-up of deposits on critical engine parts and helps the engine retain its value. Furthermore, excellent smooth-running properties lead to fuel savings, thereby cutting CO2 emissions. 0W40 grades are only obtained by the highest quality synthetic oil manufacturers and this viscosity ensures this superb synthetic oil gets to all the critical wearing parts of a TVR engine in seconds. Carry a spare 1 litre container to keep your TVR's engine oil at its optimum levels between oil changes. This item canot be delivered due the nature of its content, Collection only please!! For passenger car engines with extended oil change intervals Suitable for petrol and diesel car engines Better potential for fuel savings Optimum long-term protection for all engines Extraordinary wear protection properties Rapid lubrication even in very high or very low temperatures Reduced CO2 emissions Meets or exceeds the following industry specifications: API SM/SL/SJ/CF ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4 Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 has the following builder approvals: MB-Approval 229.3; MB-Approval 229.5 OPEL GM-LL-A-025; GM-LL-B-025 BMW LONGLIFE OIL 01 VW 502 00; VW 505 00 PORSCHE A40

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TVR X099053 - Oil, Mobil 1 0W40, 1 Litre
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