Why buy from TVR Parts Limited?

Ever since they brought the brand back to Britain, TVR’s new owners have been looking for ways to provide on-going support for existing cars and their owners. Now, by launching 'TVR Genuine Parts' and helping establish a new single distribution channel, they plan to guarantee continuity of supply of parts for classic TVRs well into the future.

Recognising the demand for genuine spares amongst trade and owners alike, TVR has spent many months working on the recently launched TVR Genuine Parts initiative. In tandem, and to guarantee ongoing availability of original and carefully remanufactured spares well into the future, TVR decided to assist in the setting up of a single distribution source – ‘TVR Parts Limited’.

TVR Genuine Parts
TVR Parts is fully licensed by TVR as the exclusive supplier of 'TVR Genuine Parts' worldwide. None of the old licences or parts distribution agreements remain in force any longer so if you’re after a 'TVR Genuine Part' then the sole source is TVR Parts.

TVR Parts plans to increase the range of stock held over the coming months and years, growing to over 250,000 parts from some 5,000 line items always being available.

The TVR Archives
The stock of original parts comprises a mix of what was left in the stores after the Blackpool factory closed, together with stock from OEMs that originally supplied products for the old cars. Where such parts no longer exist, TVR has opened its archives and authorised the use of its extensive library of technical drawings to facilitate the remanufacture of replacement parts guaranteed to match, or exceed, the performance defined by the original specifications. From now on, only parts and consumables that fit into one of these categories will be recognised as 'TVR Genuine Parts'.

We recommend you only fit 'TVR Genuine Parts' to maintain the authenticity of your sportscar and to ensure you are using the best quality products available.